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Company name Earth Clean Tohoku Co., Ltd.
Location 2-14-17, Izai, Wakabayashi-Ku, Sendai-City,
Miyagi, 984-0038, JAPAN

TEL:022(288)2888, FAX:022(288)2890
Founding date July 1989
Business contents Designing, manufacturing and sales of desiccant air conditioner, MEGACOOL air conditioner, and related equipments.
Air conditioning equipment construction business, maintenance business, wholesale and retail of environmental control equipment.
Major products - Desiccant air conditioner
- MEGACOOL air conditioner
(Indirect vaporization type cooling equipment)
- Desiccant and MEGACOOL air conditioner
- Total Heat Exchange Ventilator
- Commercial dehumidifier
Company Career
Apr./1996 Company name changed to Earth Clean Tohoku Co., Ltd.
Apr./2000 We have certified as a subsidy fund for creative technology R&D project in Miyagi prefecture in 2000.
Oct./2000 We have concluded joint development of "Desiccant air conditioner using waste heat of small generator" between TEPCO's Technology Development Headquarters and Energy Environment Research Institute.
Nov./2000 We have awarded to the "Seventy-seven New Business Grants" of Seventy-seven Business Promotion Foundation.
Feb./2001 We have awarded the business devision grand prize of "Sendai Business Grand Prix 2000" of Sendai City Industry Promotion Agency.
May./2003 We have certified as a model company in “the Founding / Management I nnovation Support Project (Business / Idea Support Project)” of the Small and Medium Enterprise Venture Comprehensive Support Center.
Apr./2004 We have certified as an environmental industrial technology development subsidy project in Miyagi prefecture.
We have started the collaborative research on dehumidifying rotor with Tohoku University multi-material science research laboratory.
Sep./2005 We have begun the commissioned research of the cold regeneration rotor with Waseda University Faculty of Engineering Science Research Center.
Feb./2006 Desiccant air conditioner has certified as the new product specific voluntary contract system in Miyagi prefecture.
Apr./2008 We have certified as "Global Warming Prevention Technology Development Project" of Ministry of the Environment.
We have certified as a commissioned researcher at the Center for Advanced Science and Technology in Tokyo University.
Theme:Application study as the energy conversion materials of the titanium oxide nanoparticles.
Mar./2010 We have approved as the product development research support company in small and medium-size manufacturing enterprises in Sendai City.
Dec./2011 We have certified as “Technology development of house utilizing the solar thermal energy" at NEDO.
We have certified as "New Technology Development Grant 2011" of the reconstruction support for the great earthquake disaster in East of Japan.
Jan./2017 "MEGACOOL“, indirect vaporization type cooling equipment, has received the Secretary award of the Small and Medium Enterprise for the Energy Conservation Grand Prize in FY2017.
Feb./2017 The desiccant air conditioner is approved as subsidy for energy conservation and cost reduction practice support project in Miyagi prefecture.
Mar./2017 "MEGACOOL“, indirect vaporization type cooling equipment, has certified as "L2-Tech 2016 winter" of Ministry of the Environment.

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